QR for Internet Explorer

QR is a web-based tool for creating, managing and organizing reinforcement schedules. Reinforcement information can be shared between various project members, who can be invited to the project. QR replaces the earlier Q-Reinforcing. Cut and bent rebar, Lenton, welded components, special mesh, standard reinforcing products, lattice girder, reinforcement ring, spacer supports and rod supports are a few of the reinforcing products.

QR Desktop

You can use QR to create reinforcement schedules, organize these schedules, share projects with other project members, and more. QR is the follow-on to Q-Reinforcing.

The only difference between QR for Desk top and QR for Internet Explorer is that QR for Desk top is installed like any other software, while QR for Internet Explorer is run in your web browser. A shortcut can be put on the desk top and you can find QR in the start menu.

QR for Tekla

QR 4 Tekla is an add-on to Tekla Structures.
The software enables you to create schedules and project parts in QR
via Tekla and transfer the reinforcement schedules from the model to QR with a single
click. If the rebar is ordered via QR, the Tekla model can be updated
to include the order number and delivery date.